The art of Haute Patisserie

Strictly artisanal procedures, top quality raw materials and lots of passion for the pastry world have always been the special ingredients that marked the success of our pastry.

The story of a family

Born in 1978 by Cambieri’s family desire to bring on the Milanese tables products of strictly artisanal quality. The history of Pasticceria Ottocento Milano dal 1978 contains in its products the story of three generations united by the passion for pastry and the love for genuine and first choice products.

When tradition meets creativity

Traditional recipes handed down through three generations. Attention to the product’s seasonality and a touch of creativity are the production’s secrets of Pasticceria Ottocento.

Artisanal Culture

Since 1978, the flagship of Pasticceria Ottocento is its pastries, made by selecting top quality raw materials and by adding a touch of creativity to the Italian traditional recipes.


Since 2021 we have been providing a shipping service – Panettone, Colombe and Biscuits. – We deliver throughout Italy and Europe.
All products are prepared on request and delivered scrupulously following the times and methods provided at the time of purchase.

Ottocento Milano

The stages of our story


The First Location

During the fall of 1978, Cambieri’s family, together with renown pastry chefs from two of the main Italian players in the confectionery industry, opens it first location in Via Conca del Naviglio, in the centre of Milan and becomes since the very beginning the supplier for the main pastry shops in Milan.



Leavened Cakes

Initially renown in the Milan area for it’s sweet creations - mignon pastries as well as fabulous personalized cakes - Pasticceria Ottocento gets noticed soon enough for it’s leavened cakes: from the traditional panettone made with the traditional Milanese recipe to the typical Eastern Colomba.



The New Laboratory

Pasticceria Ottocento moves right outside Milan, in Fizzonasco, where it expands the production laboratory and becomes the supplier of the largest Milanese food chains.



The New Location

In 2013 Pasticceria Ottocento moves to Rozzano where is expands, not only the laboratory, but also the spaces dedicated to the clientele to pamper them throughout the day - from breakfast to the happy hour passing by the business lunch - with strictly artisanal products and it’s homemade pastries.



The Temporary Store

Towards the end of 2018 Pasticceria Ottocento goes back to the centre of Milan with a temporary store in Via San Maurilio 20, few meters from the Duomo. The shop will then delight the Milanese until the Christmas of 2019.



The Panettone gets all over Italy and Europe

Since Christmas 2019 the Ottocento’s Panettone goes out the Lombardy’s borders to get all over Italy and Europe



The Online Shop

In the middle of the pandemic, to answer the clientele’s needs, Pasticceria Ottocento opens in April 2020 the online shop. From that moment on it became possible to order any product from Ottocento with both take away and delivery.



A Great Expansion

With the arrival of the Cambieri’s third generation, Pasticceria Ottocento gets an international dimension and the products start getting exported in many European as well as overseas countries thanks to a dedicated service for businesses and Ho.Re.Ca.


Panettone all year round

In 1978 the Panettone would mark the arrival of Christmas in Pasticceria Ottocento. In 2021 the Cambieri’s family decides that the leavened cake dearest to the Milanese would stay with them throughout the whole year.




In September 2021 our new online shop was born.
This shop is dedicated to italians and european guests Thanks to the new site it is possible to purchase easily our products and receive them throughout Italy and Europe.

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