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Pears and Chocolate Colomba

Colomba with pears and chocolate is a delicious variation that gathers all the traditional tastes with a twist. Pleasant candied pears get together with crunchy dark chocolate beads to satisfy the palates of the gourmands.

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Type 0 soft wheat flour, butter, egg yolk, granulated sugar, whole milk powder, fructose, natural mother yeast (wheat), emulsifier E471, salt, flavorings, chocolate 14.5% (Cocoa paste, Cocoa butter, soy lecithin emulsifier and vanillin).


Sugar, almonds, rice flour, corn starch, dehydrated egg white, vegetable fat, dehydrated glucose syrup and flavorings.


The ingredients indicated in bold can cause reactions in allergic or intolerant people. The product may also contain traces of soy and other nuts.


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